How I Can Help:


With proper education and support, most women can enjoy a beautiful future of breastfeeding for as long as they wish. Breastfeeding should not be painful, regardless of many myths that might contradict that; it should be enjoyable and the baby should be well fed after feedings. The support of lactation consultant may be needed if you feel like your feedings are taking too long, are painful, if your baby is not gaining appropriate weight, or if you have general questions regarding breastfeeding. Regardless of what a motherís goals are for breastfeeding, be it weeks, months, years, partial or exclusive breastfeeding, my goal as a lactation consultant is to help moms reach their goals and enjoy breastfeeding along the way. † I perform home visits, upon scheduled appointments made, where I come to your home and observe, assess, and support the breastfeeding process. I provide a written plan that both mom and I feel good about, and follow up by phone, as well as email and SMS, as needed. If breastfeeding devices are needed, I will help moms to locate and use them either in person or over the phone. I will also help moms with referrals to support groups, breastfeeding physicians, or whatever additional support might be necessary. I am flexible with my approach to helping moms, offering home visits or telephone consultations to accommodate motherís schedules and circumstances. 917.640.0877