...again while pregnant with my second made me cry. First, Tami has young children, so can relate first hand to all the emotional issues attached to the first few weeks of having a newborn around. She met with me several times in person, and then called and emailed to check in for several weeks after the birth of my baby. And even though I breastfed my first child for a year, Tami gave me the confidence to try out new positions including feeding my baby lying down in bed, which was a lifesaver because my newborn woke every 1.5-2 hours at night for almost 3 months. Throughout this incredibly difficult period, Tami reassured me that it was normal and would pass, and sure enough, my gift was a 3-month-old that started sleeping through the night. I honestly can't recommend her enough, especially for moms that tried breastfeeding with their first kids and found it too difficult for a myriad of reasons; Tami will help you make it a success!


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