...c-section resulted in sub-optimal nursing and milk-production conditions while in the hospital and I had an extremely low supply. Tami came to my apartment to assess my particular issues and offer suggestions and solutions. Tami spent several hours with me in person and on the phone, walking me through the science of milk production and giving me pointers on how to boost my supply by using a supplemental nursing system, power pumping, increasing skin-to-skin time with the babies and helping me successfully latch and tandem nurse both boys for the first time. Tami was my cheerleader - she encouraged me to keep trying to increase my production but also reassured me that I was already doing so much for them with what I was giving them. I was able to double my supply by following Tami's suggestions (although going from 6 oz total daily production to 12 oz total daily production meant I still had to supplement). Additionally, Tami gave me the confidence to continue tandem nursing them which is a really special and precious memory for me.


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